WP11 Harmonic High


   “Hehe, it’s fine just think before you speak.” I said with my hand making a wall to block the full power of my laugh “but in all seriousness, I can’t make any promises, if they want me then they’ll come to ME.”

     “If that does happen to do what you would do if an angry gorilla was going to charge you”

       “Ok first off why a gorilla and second what would I even do?” I asked as I stared blankly into her hazel eyes “ok well number one I chose a gorilla to because it’s the only thing I could think of  and second you stay still and quiet.” I looked at her with questioning eyes “ok then, so can you show me around the calculus house?”

      “Of course I can follow me” we walked through the doors of the calculus house into a blue crystal room, the light seemed to bounce off the walls. I was so distracted by the beauty that I didn’t pay attention and bumped into ANOTHER person. “Oh no not again” pushing myself up and get a better look at her or him, but I felt too weak from are heads clashing together. I couldn’t get up, then I felt a hand upon mine it seemed to comfort me, at first I thought it was plumet with her long pink dyed hair, but no. “Hey are you ok”

   “Me, are YOU ok I was the one that bumped into YOU” I was surprised, but yet he seemed so calm but why, how. “Are you ok, this is the second time today, is something wrong” said plumet bumping in

      “What, no I’m fine” I turned back to the man who helped me to see what he thought, I stared into his dark blue eye’s that seemed to shimmer, and his dark brown hair that almost seemed black. “So this happened before according to your friend” he looked into my eye’s and smiled. “I hope to bump into you again, maybe meet up after class?”

     “Is that supposed to mean something?” I said to him raising an eyebrow,  he giggled and walked off. Wow after all that talking and I didn’t even ask his name I thought to myself. “ It’s Eric… Eric hunter what’s yours?”He said as he turned around with a mischievous grin. As he was talking I walked a little more ways to my new room then turned around “Bri holly fall, I’ll see you soon.” I turned the corner into a beautiful bedroom with two beds, two desks, and two closets. It felt like a dream. “How does the school afford all of this,” I said, with wonder in my eyes she responded with question in her voice,  “to tell you the truth I don’t know.” Plumet turned from me to the window her words seemed drowned in ice as her voice got cold “Bri do you know of  Elpis?”

      “Elpis” I  echoed “I-I don’t know, it’s like it’s there in the back of my mind but-” I blinked several times with a few shakes of my head I looked back into her brown eyes. She looked at me with great concern “oh my gosh, are you ok” I removed my hand from my eyes “what, what do you mean?”

           “Seriously! You plummeted to the ground holding your head, I was about to call the nurse… the NURSE!” I looked at her wide-eyed,  I can’t believe it, did I really- “hello can you hear me!” Plumet yelled but not her voice didn’t carry anger it was, worry. Banging my head, I whispered in my head  “what the FU-”

   “BRI DON’T YOU DARE, you can’t be that out of it!”

WP10 Harmonic High

 Plumet                  More here

 “When I came it said to come here for this thing called housing, whatever that is.” She sat down in her chair gazing up from her paperwork. “Ahh, yes of course, well the testing room is broken today so you can’t take the test, YET” what, what does that mean. “Ok then, so it was really nice meeting you but, I have to go bye”

         “Ok bye.” I closed the door behind me and made my way back to where I met Plumet, “hello, Plumet are you here?” I looked around to see if she was anywhere close I guess she didn’t show up, just then I felt something or maybe someone.”Hi did you think I wasn’t going to show up”

       “Well yeah,  you were majorly late, the bell rang 10 minutes ago, where were you?!” I stared at her my head ready to explode like a volcano again, then my eyes softened. I reminded myself that this is my friend, my only friend .”I-I’m sorry can you forgive me?”

She stopped.

She started.

   “Forgive what,” she said with a friendly smile I was thankful that I wasn’t going to lose my first and ONLY friend. “So what’s your first class?”

     “Well…” I gave her the paper with all the classes on it, she had a wide smile on her face. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?” she said yelling everyone turned around staring at us I looked back at her to see Plumet squealing and falling on the ground. She looked like one of those crazy fan girls. “Umm…,” she picked herself up and brushed off all the dirt. “Ahem” she cleared her throat with a fist to her chest “sorry but from the look of it, you can go into any of the four houses and the calculus is on there.”

       “Calculus?” I repeated as I raised an eyebrow looking for anyone to gasp in surprise of me not knowing “The calculus is the house I’m in, not to mention it’s the best house here”

   “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CAN PLAY THAT CARD AND ON A NEW KID.” Said a girl coming out of the shadows, she looked like one of those popular girls. Plumet immediately took my arm and dragged me away from the crowd that was starting to form.

   “Come on you don’t want a fight on your first day, our room is just over there”

      “You’re making the wrong choice you should be hanging with the right group, new kid” she yelled hands gripping her hip. We walked up some stairs to get to the house it wasn’t I far as I thought it was “hey Plumet can I ask you about them”


    “The girls that we bumped into who are they” Planet froze in her spots and after a while, she spun around and stared into my soul.”They are a terrible group called the star shimmers almost everyone had a run in with one of them, I guess they’re looking for new members, but I don’t know why they want you .” She cupped her chin in her hand and then quickly turned up to me with wide eyes “NO NOT LIKE THAT!”

Good Bye SCB10!~

This is good bye to the student blogging challenge and if I can I will see if I can keep this going for a while. Wow come to think about it here is a quick list enjoy!

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There is one thing that will never change, You guys will always stay the best no matter how different you are <3 i know this is short but I also want to say thank you for all the support even if its small its a Big thing to me. You are never alone!

If You Could Would You?


If you could would you fix it?
Stop that death, that fight?
or would you stop the run away? 
If you could would you change?
Be the best, the smartest?
If you could would you change the future?
bend it to your will?
Close your eye,and think what would you fix?
Are you happy? You say to yourself
Look back again this is what you saw...
The Earth on fire all around
or maybe perhaps it will drown?
You were willing to Change Your past before
Did you not stop to think what could happen in a blink?
Be happy with what you know
And with what you have, after all
Others do FALL 
So now I ask you...
If You Could Would You?

The Powerful “People” SCB9

Elpis, Clio, and Momus well two things if you do not know who the first “person is you haven’t been reading my Harmonic High posts. All of these “people” are not people at all, in fact they are gods and goddesses, this makes them immortals. Do not get them confused with Rome gods/goddesses they are not from the Rome mythology they are from the Greek mythology.

Clio: Clio is one of the 9 muses and represented  history, she also was portrayed holding a scroll.The 9 muses time was valued every second. They lived with the god Apollo (god of music and arts & their leader.) Not only were they a great deal to their history but they are also the 9 daughters of Zeus.

Elpis: Elpis is the spirit of hope, to the Greeks she was sadly seen as an extension to suffering, not as a god. There are rumors that said she was the rightful daughter of Nyx, and mother to Pheme. She is now said to be “the last item  in Pandora’s box” Pandora brings with her a jar or, in most stories, a box containing”burdensome toil and sickness that brings death to men”, diseases and “a myriad other pains.Hesiod tells us, “the earth and sea are full of evils.” One item, however, did not escape the jar, hope.

“Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing”
Zeus the Cloud-gatherer.”

Momus: As a sharp-tongued spirit of unfair criticism, Momus was eventually expelled from the company of the gods on Mount Olympus. His name is related to μομφή, meaning ‘blame’, ‘reproach’, or ‘disgrace. Momus was becoming softened into a figure of light-hearted and sentimental comedy in the 17th century English writers introduced the figure of Momus in a gentler spirit of fun.As another result, Momus became a by-word for fault-finding, and the saying that not even he could criticize something was the sign of its perfection showing that he is the god of writing, poems and stuff like that.




Their Blogs?

Sophie’s Blog                                                                                                                     5 Owls                                                                                                                   Bastian’s Blog

 Sophie is one of the people outside my class                                                  5 Owls is someone I found from Sophie’s Blog and this person has           Bastian’s Blog has an amazing post about

that commented on my blog. She has a cool post that is really cool            an interesting post called 222 in the eye of the beholder where it             housework but don’t let that fool you it’s actually

to read. It’s called our class community where she was vary                         talks about how she read SO many books and it makes you laugh             heart felt and can really warm you up to the idea

talented and made it funny and use letters to spell out the title                    so check it out.

WP9 (Let’s get personal)

What’s up guys it’s been a while but so much has been going on, so lets get personal.

Life mine has been whats the word drama filled but I wanted to talk about some thing more juicy, MY…LOVE…LIFE, yes that’s right and I dated some CRAZY people my first boyfriend is a guy  named William, so there is actually something that I didn’t know about him till my last year at Adams Middle School. He was the son of the MAYOR of bentwood so that was really weird well at least I can tell my kids I kissed the mayor’s son.I also dated a super SWEET guy named Parker but I don’t like to talk about it. Oh, but I have one for you!, It’s about a guy named Ryan to respect his privacy I wont say his last name and any comments saying it will be deleted. *ahem* let me just say if you don’t like saying mean things about someone leave now, anyways he is really I guess wired, but I really don’t know so I think he just has a hard life I don’t like to assume really. I never loved him though I was “saving” my blind friend from him. so sorry if you know who I’m talking about but hey, I’m not at wrong here, I never said his last name so yeah see you next blog post!





SBC 7: Digital FootPrint

Today we watched two videos on digital footprints, which our like our life online for everyone to see. Both of these videos talked about that and how everyone will know what you do online scared yet? Well there is more they both shared that it only starts when you log on to a website and that’s when it starts to grow. There is one thing though one of the videos talked about it more as before birth till even after death, the other one wasn’t quit as dramatic it only “talked about it starts from login, to other’s seeing it, and it spreads. Also the second video With the dramatic ending talked about joys of sharing things on the internet, but the other only talked about how YOU’LL REGRET IT FOREVER, or something like that.

Video 1

Video 2


SBC6 Harmonic High

  “Hahaha, of course, I can, I’ve been here almost my entire life” she laughed. She handed me a pass and turned back to her computer I didn’t speak, to be honest, I didn’t know what to say . ”Thank you, but one more thing, may I ask where the PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE   I’m new here-” she stopped me, but by then I was expecting it.

    “Aww yes, of course, I forgot to tell you it’s just down the hall, left, right, right, left door then take a left then one more left and there should be one door at the end of the hallway and you’re there”

“Ummm, could you write that down for me?” I said not remembering a single word. She looked at me understanding why “haha of course here” she said already having the note ready. “Thanks, bye”

“Bye dear,” she said turning back to her computer, little ways down the hall I could still hear the loud typing of the computer’s keyboard.

    Let’s see it says it should be around this corner, I thought to myself, after turning the sharp corner at the end of the hallway there was a white colored door. I knocked quietly hoping not to disturb him that much. It was so quiet it almost seemed that the principle might have been sleeping, but just then I heard faint footsteps.The white door creaked open and women! I stood silently in surprise I was expecting a man she stared at me oh no am I looking stupid, come on say something!!! “Umm… do you need something dear?” she said looking down at me I want to say something I really do, but I was surprised in all my schools it had never been women as a principle not that I have anything against it.I finally was able to speak but I sounded dumb “me, help” I finally realized what I said and quickly shook my head.”haha, are you the new student?”

“How did you know,” I said, my surprise was swept away by curiosity and I could speak normally again.” Well, I am the principal” she said, “I know a lot  about my students new or old.” I looked up at her ”that is kinda creepy” I said under my breath. “So dear what did you need?”

My questions for college WP8


Anyways that was a loud intro but it’s just I have only had two questions that relate to collage                                                                                  What do I want to be and how to I choose they class when I find out? The reason I stress out from the famous question, “what do I want to be when I grow up?” I stress from this because this will determine my entire future, now I know that I can change what I want to be but I’m just a kid I don’t know that stuff. When you really think about it I do have some thoughts I will give you some clues so try to guess in the COMMENTS

I love kids                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Look at some of my posts                                                           Now Try To Guess!                                                                                                                     I’m shy to _____